Travel notes from Venice-3 best places to visit in Venice


Intrepid explorer Sharon Preston lists Venice as one of her favourite destinations.

This magnificent city, that spreads out from the foot of the ancient Acropolis, is home to various reminders of its ancient heritage, which is why she loves it so much. Here she describes some of her favourite places to visit when you’re in town
Venice - Gondola (Venice, Italy) 45° 43' 66.414" N - 12° 27' 64.637" E

There is no other place like Venice and whether you arrive here on car or not there are 3 places, that you must see no matter what

1.Piazza San Marco

Just standing in the middle of this square is an experience in itself. This is the widest flat, open land in the waterborne city, San Marco Piazza is and was also one of the most meeting places for all the Venice citizens and also a designers showcase for Venice. It is a very impressive place whether you are approaching it from the sea, or elsewhere this is a legacy that has been passed down throughout the centuries The centerpiece of this amazing place is the piazza Which is in fact the Grand St. Mark’s Basilica. This church is amazing in fact it was built Byzantine-Venetian way is also a mix of eastern and western style. They called it Church of Gold due to its opulence and style. Hope you get a chance to enjoy a nice meal here under the moonlight and simply soak up the atmosphere, that is impossible to find anywhere else.

Venice - Piazza San Marco (Venice, Italy) 45° 43' 41.668" N - 12° 33' 62.83" E

2. Get around in a gondola

going to Venice and not going around on a gondola would be a waste of an opportunity of a lifetime. Soaking up the rich history and architecture of the beautiful buildings is an experience, that you would like.I can almost see you enjoying the ride along the canals. If you are feeling adventurous you can also try to learn to ride a gondola yourself. Venice has only one Venice has only one rowing school for tourists.This would be a truly an experience of a lifetime, because as well as learning to ride you will also learn a bit of history, which you will enjoy as well.

3. The Campanile

It is nearly 99 ,m one of this city’s tallest building’s It was first built somewhere between the year 888 & 912. The way it is at present, with a stone spire and also with a gilded angel on the top of it, This angel dates way back to 1514. On July in 1902 the building imploded completely collapsed into a neat pile of rubble;Luckily the one victim of this disaster was a cat. They rebuilt it again exactly ‘as it had been before, in the exact same location’, The way the town council had promised to.
No matter how long you are staying in Venice besides visiting St. Mark’s Basilica and enjoying a gondola ride by simply going there you experience one of the most historic and character rich cities in Europe.
Once you have finished your stay you can rent a car again or simply book a car with driver to continue your travel or get to the airport.
Venice - The Campanile (Venice, Italy) 45° 43' 40.359" N - 12° 33' 68.444" E


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Travel notes from Venice-3 best places to visit in Venice