Travel tips when you are visiting Rome for the first time


Visiting any place for the first time is a wonderful adventure. Rome is one of the most popular places for all art and architecture lovers. The places that you can visit in Rome are endless and it’s magnificent beauty is immense.

ROME - THE PANTHEON (Rome, Italy) 41° 89' 86148" N - 12° 47' 46.842" E

A re you planing to visit Rome for the first time? If so here are are some travel tips, that will help you ensure a very pleasant and memorable stay.
It is very likely, that before you set off to visit Rome you have decided which locations you want to see, while there. Planning is great and it will save you time and energy.
1.Travel arrangements.

If you are visiting Rome for the first time some of the most popular times to visit are April, May and also towards the end of summer from September till November. The main reasons for that are pleasant weather and most airfares are cheaper as it is outside the “high season”. Rome has 2 main airports. You might need an airport connection or a hire a car if you prefer to drive yourself.

Plan to spend at least a week in Rome. You would be spoiled for choice where to go and what to do but 7 days will ensure that you will have enough time to visit the most remarkable locations, including The Colosseum, The Vatican city, The Trevi Fountain, The Roman Forum, The Pantheon, The Palatine Hill, to name just a few.

2.Get yourself a Roma Pass. This is a special public transport pass, that will give you free pass to two museums and for 3 days you will be able to get passes for other museums at a reduced rate. So if you are planning to visit a few places it is worth getting one. When possible book your passes online as this will save you time on waiting on ques. Once you arrive at your destination you can simply dive into it.

3.Wear comfortable shoes and clothes It might seem simple, but it is a vital part of enjoying Rome. You will be doing a lot of walking around museums and ancient locations. No matter what your plan is, you have to be prepared for the long walking and it is best done in comfort. You will be leaving the hotel room in the morning and coming back late at night so wearing comfortable clothes will ensure a relaxing and pleasant day while you are exploring Rome. Wearing a travel belt around your waist where you can keep your valuables adds an extra safety measure to ensure a stress free holiday.

ROME - Saint Peter Square (Rome, Italy) 41° 90' 21.763" N - 12° 45' 57.189" E
4.Be spontaneous Regardless of how much planning and pre organizing you have done allow yourself to have a day or two simply to wonder about and explore Rome without a set destination. It is a fascinating city and you are very likely to discover places and fall in love with them. There are countless choices on where to stop for lunch and how to spend the afternoon. Pick places that appeal to you and remember to enjoy yourself.

Visiting Rome is a wonderful adventure and the Eternal city stands at the top as one of the most beautiful and historically rich places on Earth. Overall no matter how long you are staying in Rome remember not to stress about trying to see everything. As they say in Rome “non basta una vita” -a lifetime is not enough.
ROME - Trevi Fountain (Rome, Italy) 41° 90' 09.365" N - 12° 48' 11.243" E


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