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Top class Paris airport transportation services

In Airport Connection we are committed to provide a wide range of dependable and premium quality Paris airport transportation services to any destination of your choice within the city.

You don’t have to go through the discomfort and stress associated with having to wait for taxis when you can easily take advantage of the ease of movement we provide through our seasoned drivers, personnel and luxury vehicles, mostly Mercedes Benz, at the most affordable rates.


OWe understand the problems associated with having to find your way around the beautiful and busy city of Paris on your arrival, and this is why we offer a Top Class Paris airport transportation service, with the guarantee that one of our experienced multilingual drivers will be there well in advance waiting for you, to drive you to your Hotel, city center or destination of choice in the easiest and mosst confortable way.

We are always available to attend your transportation needs to and from Paris airport; our traansportations services include from one person to virtually any number of people... All we need from you is yopur route details, and any speciaal requireemente you may have: once got that we will professionally handle everything for you.

Our drivers have an excellent knowledge of the city, so it really doesn’t matter whether or not it is your first time in Paris.

Simply relax, and let them handle your transportation service for you.

You can easily book online the Paris transportation service by clicking on the small "Book Now" button at the bottom right side of your monitor. Simply click on the icon to open the online reservation form, and there you will be able to seamlessly calculate transportation prices, and then, following a simpale step by step procedure you wil be able to book the transportation service of your choice.

Once completed the procedure, an instant confirmation email will be sent to you, containing all the details of your transportation service in Paris!

































41 minutes


Transfers from Paris Airport

€ 40
€ 120
€ 160
€ 240
€ 400
€ 380

Paris City Transfer

€ 90

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) To Paris

€ 45

Paris Orly Airport (ORY) To Paris

€ 45

Paris Chalons Vatry Airport (XCR) To Paris

€ 207

Paris Beauvais Tille Airport (BVA) To Paris

€ 115

Paris Le Bourget Airport (LBG) To Paris

€ 82.60

From Paris Airport

To Paris Airport

From Paris

To Paris



€ 45

Shuttle Paris Airport

41 minutes - 33


€ 75

Taxi Paris Airport

41 minutes - 33


€ 400

Limousine Paris Airport

41 minutes - 33


€ 416

Bus Rental Paris Airport

41 minutes - 33


Paris Coach Rental

Hi, We need a coach/bus for 33 people with large luggage for a 7 day tour starting in Rome. Please see the itinerary below and please let me know if you can cover this service. Please give me a price if you can cover this for me. ----- Ciao, Abbiamo bisogno di un autobus / pullman per 33 persone con bagagli grandi per un tour di 7 giorni a partire da Roma. Si prega di consultare l itinerario di seguito e per favore fatemi sapere se è possibile coprire questo servizio. Per favore dammi un prezzo se puoi coprirlo per me. Coach Travel Itinerary ( September 18- September 24, 2018) Tuesday, 18 September 2018: 9:00 AM : Pick up at Hotel Capannelle, Via Siderno, 37, 00178 Roma RM, Italy (add: Tour around the city, visit Colosseum, etc 12:00 PM Lunch 1:00 PM : Visit Vatican City (Country) 5:00 PM Transfer back to Hotel Wednesday, 19 September 2018 (Check out) 9:00 AM Pick up at the Hotel Capannelle, Via Siderno, 37, 00178 Roma RM, Italy Visit Pisa via Coach (4 hrs) 12:00 PM Lunch near Pisa 4:00 PM : Depart Pisa to Genova ( 2 hrs drive) Dinner on the way. 7:00PM : Check in at Idea Hotel Savona, Via Stalingrado, 94, 17100 Savona SV, Italy Thursday, 20 September 2018 9:00 AM Coach Pick up Visit Nice, France (2.5 hrs drive) 1:00 PM leave for Monaco via Coach (1.5 hrs) 5:00 PM on the way back to Hotel Friday, 21 September 2018 (Check Out) Stay near Milan, Italy 9:00 AM check out Visited Winery 2:00 PM: Visit Raffle International College (2hr drive) 5:00PM Back to Hotel Saturday, 22 September 2018 ( Check out) Stay over near Stuttgart, Germany ( 3hrs) 9:00AM Checkout Visit Lucerne lake via Coach (3.5 hrs) 4:00 PM leave for Stuttgart, Germany 7:00PM arrive at hotel Sunday, 23 September 2018 ( Check out) Stay over in Paris 9:00 AM Check out Visit Stuttgart City center, Germany (2.5 hrs) 1:00 PM leave for Luxembourg city 6:00PM leave for Metz ( stay around Metz) Monday, 24 September, 2018 9:00 AM Leave for Paris Tour around Paris 6:00 PM back to hotel in Paris Many thanks, Jay

2018-07-19, 09:00:00 2086

I would like a price for pickup by car on 15 Sept 2018 at Roissy Charles de Gaulle.

I would like a price for pickup by car with driver on 15 Sept 2018 at Roissy Charles de Gaulle. American Airlines FLT 62 from Miami. Transport to Hotel Balloy Saint Germain, 2, rue Racine 75006. With a return pickup Sunday, 20th Sept for an 11am FLT My name is Joseph Willmitch

2017-11-04, 14:03:54 453

Availability and rates - Wedding in July, the 22nd

Dear all, I live in Paris and I will marry in July, the 22nd in the afternoon. I would like to know your availability and rates for different service: - 2 hours Paris tour for 50-60 guests start from avenue Marceau Church at 17:30, ending 19:30 at Flora Danica restaurant (Champs Elysees) - rate for a private car for me and my husband: 16h00 my pick up from hotel to Church; 17h30-20h00 wedding photo shooting session in Paris with the photographer; 20h00-23h00 free; 23h00-00h00 at disposal Thanking you in advance Best regards Veronica Beltrami -------------------------------------

2018-01-23, 09:00:00 777

Beijing Palace P17022 Service coach request of 2 buses 22/09/2017 paris - chateauroux

Hello We have 1 group to Chateauroux, we need 2 big buses, do you have coach available? Please find the itinerary 22th Sept. 7:30 am 50+seats 50PAX Baggage: big: around 50 Small: around 50 Pick up at Charles de Gaulle Airport take clients to Chateauroux Flight information: CA876 Please kindly inform that we want to build a long term collaboration with you , and each month we have same itinerary between Charles de Gaulle Airport and Chateauroux . Please give us a better price in order to set up a long term relationship. Have a nice day Europa Holiday Travel

2017-09-22, 11:00:00 130

Bus Request for 6th to 12th May

Dear Have you availability for this group please? What is your offer? Group No.: System code.: Number of Pax: Client: Emergency: Incoming Service: Tel: Fax: Emergency: Dealership Contact: Tour Leader: 魏进 Driver: Coach: Put-down:CDG Flight No TK1828 Shanghai Office T: +86 21 50330279/50330289 BeijingOffice No.5 Shuangjing times Building Polska Office Straszków 12162-604 Kościelec 出团文档 HV170504ROMPAR15 HAV-003-L0146 38 华远国际旅行社 史晓霞 Havi Travel Incoming Service Center B.V. 0033970465936 0033182880562 008618501602061 Kasia 0048783948071 Mobile: 008613991113865 Mobile: Paris 2019-05-12 1940 Departure Paris 2019-05-12 1940 Arrival Beijing 2019-05-13 0010 Bank: Account No.: RABOONL24 IBAN: NL15RABO0117548944 RABOBANK,Add.: Morsweg9, Postbus: 207, 7460 AE Rijssen, the Netherlands HaviTravel Incoming Service Center B.V. Morsweg 9-Postbus 112 7460 AC Rijssen The Netherlands T: +31 548 512300 F: +31 548 520435 Itinerary Shanghai Office T: +86 21 50330279/50330289 BeijingOffice No.5 Shuangjing times Building Polska Office Straszków 12162-604 Kościelec Group No.: HAV-003-L0146 Day Date Itinerary 1 06-May Florence(Firenze) - Venice(Venezia) Venice(Venezia) Ponte dei Sospiri(叹息桥) Basilica di San Marco (St Mark s Basilica)(圣马可大教堂) Piazza San Marco(圣马可广场) Crystal Glass Factory(水晶玻璃制造厂) Palazzo Ducale(道奇宫) Campanile(钟楼) 2 07-May Venice(Venezia) - Milan(Milano) Milan(Milano) Duomo s square(主教堂广场) Church of Duomo(米兰大教堂) Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (艾曼纽二世长廊) 3 08-May Milan(Milano) - Interlaken 4 09-May Interlaken - Dijon Interlaken Hoheweg square(何维克广场) Gaming Centre(博彩中心) Hoheweg(荷黑威格商业街) 5 10-May Dijon - Paris Paris Versailles(凡尔赛宫) 6 11-May Paris Paris Arc de Triomphe(凯旋门) Place de la Concorde(协和广场) Louvre Museum(卢浮宫) Eiffel Tower(埃菲尔铁塔) Opéra national de Paris(巴黎歌剧院) Champs Elysees(香榭丽舍大道) Seine(塞纳河) Boulevard Haussmann(奥斯曼大街) Frangonard Perfume Museum(花宫娜香水博物馆) 7 12-May Paris / Beijing TK1828[1940-0010(+1)] Paris Opéra national de Paris(巴黎歌剧院) Boulevard Haussmann(奥斯曼大街) 8 13-May Beijing Remarks1 (Attention by Coach company): Bank: RABOBANK,Add.: Morsweg9, Postbus: 207, 7460 AE Rijssen, the Netherlands Account No.: RABOONL24 IBAN: NL15RABO0117548944 HaviTravel Incoming Service Center B.V. Morsweg 9-Postbus 112 7460 AC Rijssen The Netherlands T: +31 548 512300 F: +31 548 520435 Shanghai Office T: +86 21 50330279/50330289 BeijingOffice No.5 Shuangjing times Building Polska Office Straszków 12162-604 Kościelec 1.Coach company is responsible to continue the tour or find a substitute whenever or whatever happen to the coach on tour within 4 hours(车公司必须在团队用车过程出现故障的 4 小时内负责解决问题) 2.The driver eats with the group, if not, the tour leader is responsible to bring food from the restaurants to the driver. There is no food supplement paid for the driver. If the tour leader doesn t bring food for the driver from the restaurant, he/she who is responsible for the missing meal of the driver, not Havi Travel Incoming Service Center B.V. .(司机全程跟团队用餐,否则领队必须负责打包新鲜热乎的餐盒给司机,如果领队不能给司机打包, 由领队负责支付给司机相应的餐补,荷兰百陆之旅入境公司不提供餐食补助) 3. The options are based on the prices of the agreements made by driver and tour leader, Havi Travel Incoming Service Center B.V. will NOT involve into this matter ever.(自费项目由另外跟司机自行协商,荷兰百陆之旅 入境公司将不参与且不负责任何跟自费相关的事宜) Remarks1 (Attention by chinese operators) 1. Please check all the pickup and drop off information whether as the same as your latest information ,if not, tell us as soon as possible so that we can arrange it at the first time. (请注意所有的接机以及送机信息是否符合您最 新的行程,如果不是,请第一时间通知我社,以便我社尽快进行调整) 2. If there is no different document received from you ,we will regard this as the final information for this group. (如果没有收到您关于行程变化的通知,我们会视上述信息为此团队的最终信息) 3. If there is some changenments concerning on the final itinerary, please infirm us at the first time,we will try our best to correspond with the coach company, but we can not afford the change fee because of your temorary arrangement of the itinerary. / 如果最后确认之后的行程有临时变化 也请第一时间通知我社,我们会尽最大努 力与车公司进行协商,争取把贵社的损失降到最低,但是我社不会承担因为贵社临时变化带来的损失。 4. If there is some problems of the coach or the driver, please make sure your tour leader contact us at the first time whenever and wherever it happens, so that we can investigate the situation and solve the problem as soon as possible. We will not accept the complain about the coach or the driver when the tour is finish. / 如果有关于车和 司机的问题,请让贵社的导游第一时间跟我社联系,以便我社第一时间了解调查团队情况,及时解决问题。 我们不接受团队结束之后对车或者司机的投诉。 5. Tour leader must pay following / 导游需支付以下费用。 1) 所有停车和进程费。 / Any parking fees and city permit. 2) 全程高速费。 / All Road tax for whole tour. 3) 奥地公路税以及瑞士高速费。 / Go-Box fee in Austria and Swizerland road tax. 4) 隧道费,过山费,轮渡费和过桥费。 / Any tunnel fee, mountain pass fee, ferry fee and bridge fee. 5) 所有因为行程外额外增加的景点产生的费用。 / All the fees depend on any additional options. 6) 车费包含法意高速费,除此之外,一切公路税、隧道费、白天停车费、进城费由导游现付司 机。注:(奥地利 GOBOX 和瑞士税均不包含在车价里。) / Coach fare includes highway cost in France and Italy.In addition, all road tax, tolls, parking fees,check point need T/L to pay the cash to the driver(Note: the Austria GOBOX and the Swiss tax are not included in the price.) 7) 由于考虑到今年司机服务的质量,HAVI 现在决定,小费的 2 块钱,由导游境外给司机。 / In order to maintain the service quality of the coach drivers, HAVI has made a decision that t/l to pay tips to the drivers during the trip(EUR 2 per person per day). 8) 应付司机小费共计:684 欧元 / Total driver tips: EUR 684 Bank: RABOBANK,Add.: Morsweg9, Postbus: 207, 7460 AE Rijssen, the Netherlands Account No.: RABOONL24 IBAN: NL15RABO0117548944 HaviTravel Incoming Service Center B.V. Morsweg 9-Postbus 112 7460 AC Rijssen The Netherlands T: +31 548 512300 F: +31 548 520435 Hotel List Shanghai Office T: +86 21 50330279/50330289 BeijingOffice No.5 Shuangjing times Building Polska Office Straszków 12162-604 Kościelec Group No.: HV170504ROMPAR15 System Code: HAV-003-L0146 Day Date City Hotel 1 06-May Venice(Venezia) Piramidi Hotel s.r.l Via Brescia, 20 - 36040 Torri di Quartesolo VICENZA Est TEL:00390444267466 FAX:00390444267455 2 07-May Milan(Milano) RIPAMONTI HOTEL E RESIDENCE VIA DEI PINI 3, PIEVE EMANUELE - MILANO TEL:+39 0290764057 FAX: 3 08-May Interlaken Hotel Central Wolter - Grindelwald Hauptstrasse, 3818 Grindelwald, Switzerland TEL:0041338543333 FAX:0041338543339 4 09-May Dijon Appart City Dijon - Toison d Or 3* Rue Des Grandes Varennes, 21121 Dijon, France TEL:0033 380593131 FAX: 5 10-May Paris HOTEL IBIS MARNE LA VALLEE EMERAINVILLE Boulevard de Beaubourg 77184 Émerainville TEL:0033 160178839 FAX:0033 164621234 6 11-May Paris HOTEL IBIS MARNE LA VALLEE EMERAINVILLE Boulevard de Beaubourg 77184 Émerainville TEL:0033 160178839 FAX:0033 164621234 7 12-May Beijing 8 13-May Beijing Passenger: 45 Coach: 50 seats PastedGraphic-2.png Best regards Angelina Dear Mrs Yu 450 Euros per day + 1.450 Euros empty run+ Ztl taxes + parking fees + Swiss taxes + Hotel and meals for driver

2018-08-02, 19:00:00 2225

Requesting price information for our possible tours in Europe

Dear Sir / Madame, I would like to take this opportunity of introducing ourselves to you. We are one of the respected international youth education and study travel agencies in Turkey and we have been organizing school trips for the last 28 years in Greater London and in New York City. We are operating our programs under the official license of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Tourism. One of our group companies is also running a language school chain utilizing Callan Method in Turkey under the official licence of Callan Method Organisation UK. We are planning to organize some sets of science & culture themed visits for our K12 grade kids from Geneva area to various cities in the Europe after our study exploration in CERN. Currently we are planning some visit routes based on the quotation and mileage limits per day. Our main places of interests are related to the Science & culture locations based in Switzerland, in France, in Germany and in Italy. Based on this situation I kindly would like to have the following info please: 1- Daily mileage limit (How many miles can we go further per day please?) 2- The cost of a) 15 seater midibus per day b) 25 seater carrier per day 3- The inclusions and exclusions. Tours are based on 7 or 8 nights : Sample Route 1 : Cern > Lousanne > Montreux > Chillon Castle > Einstein’s House > Nestle Factory > Zurich > Technorama > Milano Leonardo da Vinci > Modena Ferrari Factory & Museum > Bologna Airport Sample Route 2 : Cern > Lousanne > Montreux > Bern > Stuttgart > Munich Sample Route 3 : Cern > Lousanne > Montreux > Zurich > Technorama > Stuttgart > Luxembourg > Libin Euro Space Center Belgium > Le Berlaymont Building & European Parliament Your help about the above points will greatly be appreciated. Cordially, Koray Altan M.Sc., Deren Koray Group International Founder

2017-11-09, 08:20:20 531

Paris Bus Transportation

Hello. I would like to give me an estimate of cost for transport in Paris. We are 23-26 people arriving in Beauvais airport on , October 21 at 9 : 00h and returned on 22 October at 03: 00h at the airport of Charles de Gaulle . We wanted to get from the airport to the center of Paris, then the center of Paris to the football field Paris Saint Germain and finally to let us in the airport . Routes: · 09:00 AM arrival at the aeropuesto Beauvais. Paris center direction. · Around 17:00 PM from central Paris to the football field of the Paris Sant Germain. · Around 1:00 a.m. gather at the stadium and go to Charles de Gaulle airport Thanks. -- Pablo Rodríguez Otero

2018-07-03, 16:00:00 1854

quote a minivan rental with driver transfer to Disneyland Paris

Please quote a minivan rental with driver for 5 passengers and 4 pieces of luggage , To pick us at Paris Train Station Gare de l Est on October 2nd at 09:45 am to take us to Disneyland PAris Thanks, Aleaz Miriam

2018-06-29, 12:00:00 1837

Group Request - Pobail Scoil Roscrea

Good morning, We have a group that will be in Lannion on 04/04/2018 and we have just got news that their train has been cancelled. We need to get them back from Lannion to Paris Beauvais for check in at 20.00hrs, flight departing at 22.25hrs. There are 11 students + 1 adult Can you please quote me for this one way transfer and get back to me as soon as possible. Kind regards, Sandra McKeon Administration Support We have moved …… 35 Pearse St Dublin 2

2018-02-01, 09:15:00 798

Quote bus rental

With the present request to have your best offer for the bus rental service for the following groups of students: 54 students + 4 teachers period from March 2018 transfer APT Parigi – hotel City center. in the group there is a disabled student with a wheelchair. I need a coach with the platform. In waiting for your kind reply kindest regards. Maura Zacchi * * * * * * * * * Terre Protette Agenzia di Viaggi e Tour Operator

2017-10-28, 13:30:35 378

Taxi con autista da Parigi per Charles de Gaulle

Buonasera Airportconnection, come da accordi presi con la collega sita in Parigi, Manuela Martignoni, i colleghi (n° 4) avrebbero necessità di un taxi che si trovi alle h. 17.15 presso il parcheggio della fiera Silmo presso Parigi e che li porti direttamente in aeroporto. Richiediamo conferma della disponibilità e dell’importo aggiuntivo. Vi ringraziamo -- Chiara Servizio Clienti

2018-07-04, 07:12:00 1856

How much for a Limousine service in Paris

How much for a Limousine service 2 people? From Paris center to Paris Train Station. Jhon Muller

2018-06-23, 13:20:00 1176

Bus rental in Paris

Dear partners We have are request for our group in Paris Arrival Date : 14/10/18 Paris airport CDG to Kyriad Paris Bercy Village Hotel Departure Date: 18/10/18 Kyriad Paris Bercy Village Hotel to Paris airport CDG Total Pax of group is 41 Please sent us prices for bus rental for 41 seats Thank you Best Regards, Barbara Struart

2018-06-28, 14:00:00 1833


Hi Michael, here are the details. It’s a very soft group so the visits will be with time, no rush. 8 people (maybe a 20 seats mini-bus). We can provide the accomodation for the driver. They will need the bus for a 12 hour usage each day. Preference for na english speaking driver if possible. Day 5 – 28 JUN PARIS Day 6 – 29 JUN PARIS / BRUSSELS Day 7 – 30 JUN BRUSSELS / GANTE / BRUGGES / AMSTERDAM Day 8 – 01 JUL AMSTERDAM Day 9 – 02 JUL AMSTERDAM / LUXEMBURG Day 10 – 03 JUL LUXEMBURG / LUCERNE Day 11 – 04 JUL LUCERNE Day 12 – 05 JUL LUCERNE / MILAN Day 13 – 06 JUL MILAN / VENICE / MILAN Day 14 – 07 JUL MILAN Let me know your best price. Thank you, Best regards, Tiago Araújo

2017-09-16, 19:59:06 114

Coach required tour in Paris

Dear, We are the international agency for the organization of the folklore festivals and tourism, and we have couple of groups that arrive to Paris at 01 May at Charles de Gaulle Airport and depart at 04 may and 05 may from the same airport. One group contains 30 persons and another group 40 persons, they need to be transfered from the airport to the hotel Premiere classe le blanc mesnil and back, send us kindly your best offer for our groups, for the bus rental, and in base of that we will ask you for the further rates of the city sightseeing, and the transfers to the other parts of the city during their stay in Paris. We wait for your soonest answer Best regards Cvetic Milos General Manager Moonlight Events Organization

2017-10-28, 18:35:43 385

Paris Bus rental

Hello, We are Huayu Travel Service Company, a Chinese travel agency from Milan. We d like to have a quotation for Bus Rental in Paris the following itinerary: Date period: 26/10/2018-28/10/2018 Seats: 50 Itinerary: D1 26/10/2018 10:00 from the Airport Charles de Gaulle to the city paris. 13:00 city tour 2 punti circa 30 km. 20:00 torna a hotel. D2 27/10/2018 09:30 city tour paris 3 punti circa 30 km. 20:00 to hotel. D3 28/10/2018 09:30 city tour paris 2 punti. 14:30 to the Airport Charles de Gaulle. I d like to have a all-included price, included parking, tips, and other fees. Thanks for your time. LU ------------------ 米兰华宇旅游公司 HUAYU TRAVEL SERVICE S.A.S ********************************************* SEDE: VIA ARQUA,22 20131 MILANO(MI)

2018-06-28, 13:00:00 1832
Paris Airport Shuttle

 € 45

 € 58 

 € 15

Paris Taxi

 € 40

 € 75 

Paris Limousine

 € 155

 € 400 

Paris Bus Rental

 € 70

 € 320 

Paris Bus Hire

 € 80

 € 384 

Rent a Bus in Paris

 € 90

 € 416