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Yes, it is that time of the year again. The school year is nearly over and once again it is time it is time for your summer holiday.

Amsterdam - Hague District (Amsterdam, Holland) 52° 06' 59.537" N - 4° 25' 49.585" E

Obviously, if you have young children, keeping them amused will be an important part of your vacation as there is nothing worse to listening to children complaining how bored they are. In today’s article we will be giving some ideas and insights about where you can go that will also be completely child friendly as well.

I have to say I may be a little biased on this particular post as I grew up in Holland (Nederlands) and used to love visiting all these wonderful places with my parents. I also brought my sons there for a holiday and they absolutely loved it. And where bewildered as you can see from one of my pictures below.

One of the places we used to visit when I was a child was a place called Scheveningen. It is in the Hague district in Holland one of the nicest things about Scheviningen is their Panakooks and Poffertjes. They also have some of the most amazing Satay sauce that you have ever tasted. 🙂 The kids will absolutely love the food and the nice walk down by the pier and also the restaurants are really nice as well.

Amsterdam - Dutch Poffertjes (Amsterdam, Holland)


The best part of going to Scheviningen is there is also a model city called Madurodam. The kids will absolutely love it and even for the adults, it is a pretty amazing sight to see. It was actually opened in July 1952. It was closed for renovations for a while, but reopened its doors on 7th April 2012. Madurodam is like a fairytale city for kids especially the young ones

It is a scaled down city 1:25 all the buildings that are placed, are made to look completely lifelike they even have an Airport, Canals there are bridges and dams that also open and close and when I was there there was a boat on fire in the canal with a tug boat putting the flames out. Also there, are model soldiers,trains,buses,cars and much much more. When you put money into the slot the soldiers start marching.

From all the cities in Europe I have visited this would be my favourite place to bring your young family.

Holland is also very famous for it’s dairy produce and cheeses so if you aren’t a Vegan you will also love the superior taste of the Milk and dairy products as well.But whatever you do make sure to visit the local restaurants and try the Panakooks,Poffertjes and also the chicken or pork Satay dishes you will definitely not be disappointed.

Early Spring or summer is the ideal time to visit this destination, though it is actually open all year long.

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Hague - Madurodam (Amsterdam, Holland) 52° 09' 94.757" N - 4° 29' 47.417" E


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