Christmas shopping in New York

New York

When it comes to Christmas shopping, the choice of places is endless. Some true enthusiasts start buying presents in January sales, so it is always a good time to get a present for the people you love. The saying goes, that giving is one of the most rewarding and happiness enhancing actions that we take.

NEW YORK - LOTTE PALACE (NEW YORK. USA) 40° 75' 79.761" N -73° 97' 74.299" E

S o have you ever been Christmas shopping in New York? If so, you will probably familiar with the endless variety of styles, types and prices of shopping malls.

Christmas starts early in New York, and spending money turns into a real fun. New York, as a home of many department stores has everything for you.

The most popular time for most people to go for their Christmas shopping in New York is after Thanksgiving, which is also known as Black Friday. This year Black Friday is 27th of November and it is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. This is due to the fact that most of the shops offer discount, that is not offered any other day of the year.

So if you are a fan of crowds and you also like shopping in big department stores, then Black Friday in New York is for you.

When you arrive at the New York Airport you can get a shuttle bus to take you to your hotel and save you any worry, especially if you book your airport connection online.

If you are here for a few days, then you have probably set your mind on doing a shopping marathon, so put your comfy shoes on and enjoy.

Here are a few places that you might like to go to while here.
Christmas Markets in Union Square There is a wonderful line up of unique gifts set up in a festive surroundings. Give yourself enough time to be able to walk from stall to stall and discover a variety of items. From handmade accessories, jewelry, soaps, candles, crafted foods and drinks. It is all here to be discovered. If you are looking to get that special present, the Christmas Market in Union Square will not disappoint.

Bloomingdale’s Conveniently  located on 59th ave is another popular place for holiday shoppers. This is one of the oldest department stores in New York and it is owned by Macy’s, but may be not as well known. You can easily walk away from here with some wonderful hand bags, electrical goods and other goodies without breaking the bank.

New York - Union Square (New York,USA) 40° 73' 62.223" N -73° 99' 24.972" E

New York - Century 21 (New York, USA) 40° 73' 66.776" N -74° 02' 53.282" E
Century 21 is popular as a place for bottom prices for high-end goods. If you are in New York for your Christmas shopping, you are already braving the crowds. Century 21 attracts some of the biggest. The store attracts a lot of people and has a wide variety of items.  You will need a bit of patience to go through the goods, but it is well worth it. Even if you don’t find what you are looking for, one thing is for sure. You will have a story to tell your friends-how you spent hours looking thought items surrounded by crazy shoppers.

Overall going to New York for your Christmas shopping is a memorable experience. You will find some magnificent presents and experience a variety of foods and drinks.


Christmas shopping in New York
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