What to do in London


Intrepid explorer Sharon Preston lists London as one of her favourite destinations.

This magnificent city, that spreads out from the foot of the ancient Acropolis, is home to various reminders of its ancient heritage, which is why she loves it so much. Here she describes some of her favourite places to visit when you’re in town
London - Buckingham Palace (London, United Kingdom) 51° 50' 13.64" N - -0° 14' 40.787" E

1 Take a walk down the Mall and take some photos against the backdrop of Buckingham Palace. Make sure you get there in time for the changing of the guard, one of the most iconic sights in London. To get there, you can take the tube to St James’s Park or Green Park.

2 Pay a visit to Trafalgar Square’s famous lions, before admiring the art on display in the National Portrait Gallery. There are several free exhibitions there at the moment, including portraits of Tudor monarchs and Grayson Perry’s Who Are You? Charing Cross is the closest tube station.

London - Trafalgar Square (London, United Kingdom) 51° 50' 80.9" N - -0° 12' 85.907" E
3 Have a feast at Borough Market, which you can reach by travelling to London Bridge station. This is one of London’s oldest food markets and has been running since 1276. We recommend the brilliant bread and cheese stalls, and you will even be able to see the Shard towering in the distance.

London - Borough Market (London, United Kingdom) 51° 50' 54.792" N - -0° 09' 29.399" E
4 Take a look at the beautiful porcelain pieces in the Wallace Collection, some of which used to belong to Marie Antoinette. The Collection is in Manchester Square, near Bond Street station, and features 28 rooms of interesting furniture, fabrics and artworks, including The Laughing Cavalier.

London - Wallace Collection, Manchester Square (London, United Kingdom) 51° 51' 74.543" N - -0° 15' 52.107" E
5 Have a day out in Hyde Park, one of eight Royal Parks. With sights like the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, the Serpentine lake and Speakers Corner, there is plenty to see and do here. Take the tube to Marble Arch station to get there.
London - Hyde Park (London, United Kingdom) 51° 50' 72.682" N - -0° 16' 79.19" E

6 Take a selfie with Big Ben in the background. The world’s most iconic clock tower can be found near Westminster tube station.

London - Big Ben (London, United Kingdom) 51° 50' 07.292" N - -0° 12' 68.141" E
7 The British Museum is renowned as one of the world’s finest museums, and it’s completely free. You can easily spend a few hours here gazing at the mummies and other fascinating exhibits. The museum is near Holborn tube station.

London - British Museum (London, United Kingdom) 51° 51' 94.133" N - -0° 12' 91.453" E
8 It’s always fun to see the street performers in Covent Garden, and the entertainment is free – unless you throw a couple of coins in the hat when they pass it around.

London - Covent Garden (London, United Kingdom) 51° 51' 17.321" N - -0° 12' 54.584" E
9 Explore the breathtaking interior of St Paul’s Cathedral, near St Paul’s tube station, and just a short walk away from the Tate Modern. There is an entrance fee, but you can visit the crypt for free when you attend a service or visit the cafe. However, it’s worth paying the fee to climb to the amazing Whispering Gallery.

London - St Paul’s Cathedral (London, United Kingdom) 51° 51' 38.453" N - -0° 10' 05.393" E
10 After St Paul’s, visit the nearby Tate Modern, with its interesting contemporary artworks. The current exhibit in the Turbine Hall is Richard Tuttle’s I Don’t Know – The Weave of Textile Language, a giant textile sculpture.
London - Tate Modern (London, United Kingdom) 51° 50' 77.21" N - -0° 10' 13.828" E


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